Banner Program

The Upper Montclair Business Association’s mission is to serve its business membership by making the Upper Montclair district into a beautiful, vibrant and appealing community to access business professional services, shopping and dining. To that end, the Association has installed hardware to hang banners that are consistent with its mission, aesthetic and calendar events.

Periodically we have brief openings in our banner schedule. With significant advance planning, design submission and application fee, the applicable committee will consider applications for use by non-profits. Once approved, the applicant will be responsible for the cost of installation, maintenance and removal as called for in the final submission. There are approximately 45 banners and all banner hardware is required to be used. No partial use of banner hardware will be considered.

In order to further the Upper Montclair Business Association’s goals, all design approval will be at the sole discretion of our board’s committee.

Suggested submission timeline:

  • Original Application submitted six months in advance of installation date. This would include applicant information, stated purpose and discussion of design elements.
  • Once design aspects are approved, a fee of $250, submitted to the Upper Montclair Business Association is required to reserve your time slot. This covers application, installation and take down of the banners.
  • Our committee will attempt to make a timely response to the application within a three week time period. However, this is a volunteer organization and patience may be required.