Originally established in the 18th century as a rural hamlet called Speertown, Upper Montclair was incorporated as part of Montclair in 1868.

150 years later, Uptown Montclair retains is charming hamlet feel while being home to a thriving business district featuring one-of-a-kind shops, city-worthy coffee, snacks, dining, and activities for the whole family. We encourage you to check out our events and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on everything happening Uptown.

Many of the photos on this website were taken by Max Myers, a 14-year-old Montclair resident who taught himself how to take and edit photos. Max uses drone technology, which provides him with a different perspective from other photographers. One day he hopes to build a career out of flying drones for major movies and commercials. In the meantime, we’re so lucky to have been able to partner with him.

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